Call the distillers at Mezcal Amores whatever you’d like, just don’t call them impatient. Any mezcal worth its weight in salt takes time. Pouring patience and love into every drop, they wait for their agaves to reach the age of maturity before harvesting, and that can be anywhere from 6 to 30 years. Dedication like that spills over into all aspects of their distilling, as they keep their entire process 100% natural and organic. No additives, and no enhancers. They only use real, organic ingredients and implement natural fermentation in all of their award winning mezcals.

And that’s exactly how they want you to enjoy their mezcal. Slowly. They produce their mezcal with respect and consciousness and they expect the drinker to have that too. Each mezcal comes with a different tasting profile to give drinkers a unique experience every time. From santal wood to mango, pumpkin seeds to bell peppers, chipotle to coffee grounds and raisin bread, Mezcal Amores delivers a cornucopia of flavors that could be missed if consumed too quickly. Just smooth flavorful notes in each and every sip. Their mezcals deserve to be enjoyed over time, like a slow burn. So no rushing. Because it’s worth the wait.


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