Are you involved in the creative industries and/or consider yourself to be a creative individual? Have you ever wanted to join a club full of resources and like-minded people to spark and encourage your ideas? Well, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll find an open door at The Hospital Club. This private members club is in the heart of the Covent Garden and offers an enriching environment for people within the creative industries to create, connect, and collaborate.

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The Hospital Club came be as founders Paul Allen and Save Stewart sat having a drink in the Covent Garden when they fatefully spotted a boarded up former St. Paul’s Hospital. They devised a plan to transform the glorious building back into a space for helping people, into an area for creativity to prosper. The club has successfully entered its second decade and has grown in strength. The club and its members put on an average of 40 events, exhibitions, social gatherings, live performances, and around 60 film screenings each month.

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Applying to be a member is easy and the benefits are enormous. The seven story once hospital now houses an award-winning TV and music studio, a gallery, Restaurant and Bars, a screening room, hotel rooms, and the Oak Room—a live performance space. The Hospital Club is a vibrant, engaging, and positive part of the community with plenty to offer even if you aren’t cool enough to join the club.

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While the event space and various rooms throughout embody their own forms of whimsical creativity, the hotel rooms take on their own distinctive charm. Each one of the rooms is created by a different artist, meaning you truly do get a unique experience. What’s more is that every year each of the rooms will completely change, from floor to ceiling, bed to wardrobe and even the art-deco items. The Hospital Club is quite frankly one of the coolest and most creatively vibrant spots in London, we’ll be back – that’s for sure.

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24 Endell Street

London WC2H 9HQ