As you sail off the coast of the Philippines, around the Island of Negros, in the shadow of Mt. Kanlaon, wind whipping your hair and the smell of adventure right under your nose, you notice a village not marked on your map. You dock your boat and head for shore. You’re in luck, most people never find what you have stumbled upon. You have arrived. The makers of Don Papa Rum welcome you to Sugarlandia, and they are marking your arrival with the brand new release of Don Papa Rum Rare Cask.

As you are lured from the shore, the beautiful artwork on the box and label for this limited-edition rum pull you in with even more intrigue. One taste and you’ll never want to leave.  The Island of Negros unique climate and rich volcanic soil add distinct flavor to the sugarcane used in all Don Papa rum. The dark amber color of the Rare Cask lends to images of the volcanic earth and the flavors migrate straight to your glass. On the nose, Rare Cask offers fruity and spicy notes, while on the palate Papa offers up flavors of fruitcake, cacao, and oak. However, an empty glass will snap you back to reality. Although it is just as delicious even in the comfort of your own home, this rum will not be around forever. Seize this opportunity. Sugarlandia and Don Papa are awaiting your arrival.

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