Let’s be honest, one of the more exciting and satisfying things while traveling abroad is getting that stamp. You pass through customs, hand over your passport, and gain the much-anticipated proof of your visit. Filling up a passport becomes a game, in fact it’s almost like a competition between yourself and others. The stamps vary in design and date your visit – they’re the free souvenirs that validate your adventure. If only life were a passport—obtain stamps for everyday achievements and moments to hold onto without the buildup of dust collecting knickknacks. Just a small book containing your life’s voyages.

I may not have a solution for a life passport, but I can offer you a Winery Passport which to be quite honest, sounds even more exciting. Visiting wineries has only grown in popularity as consumers want to see where their wines come from and experience the full process, not just a scan and beep at the grocery store. For the first time, this incredible app gives users encouragement to visit wineries they otherwise may have overlooked. Winery Passport connects users to both new and old wine favorites by directing them to the very source (or root). Even just visiting and having a little taste will get you your stamp. Keep details of each visit in your very own winery journal which you can go back to anytime and update as your top wineries bring out new and tempting delights. The best part? During and after each visit, users obtain exclusive offers from Winery Passport to help them on their vino voyages.

Don’t see your favorite winery on there? Tell them about Winey Passport! It connects customers with wineries to create lasting relationships to increase satisfaction all around. Wineries benefit in more ways too—increase traffic by becoming a recommended winery to Winery Passport users, more traffic means more tasting, users can share their experience on social media, and just overall word of mouth will drive even more wine lovers to visit.

Whether you are a winery or wine-lover, Winery Passport is a necessity. Collect your stamps and rewards. But, most importantly get on with the tasting!

Available for free on iOS and Android