Born from art and now entering the ultra-premium beverage market, EMORY Vodka is the brainchild of one of today’s leading artists. This hasn’t been seen since Romero Britto joined forces with Absolut. New York based artist Blake Emory—an innovative mind in the Optic Modernism movement—decided to follow Britto’s footsteps to create his very own corn based vodka that is naturally gluten free and distilled six times over during the fermentation process.

EMORY is one of the first artist-inspired premium vodka lines and is shining the light on combining these two very compatible industries. Emory took an existing piece of his and converted it to an eye-catching bottle design. Inspired by one of nature’s grandest designs, his Zebra Love design now sits beautiful embossed on the bottle with the trademark red stiletto. Included with your purchase of a different kind of art is the piece of mind that a portion of your money will be donated to the ASPCA to prevent animal cruelty. Support a completely new line of vodka.


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