In 1997, the Ramsbury Estate was established deep in the heart of Wiltshire, England. Starting at a relatively humble 3,000 acres, their continued excellence in their farming and estate management has afforded them the privilege of expanding into a 19,000 acre juggernaut. Tucked away in the rolling chalky Wiltshire hills of this impressive estate is the Ramsbury Distillery. In this exclusive location, estate distillers work diligently to perfect the taste and story in every drop of their Ramsbury Vodka. To say that they’ve perfected their craft is an understatement.

While most distributors are outsourcing from certain businesses and farms for their vodka, Ramsbury carefully uses their very own farms and distilling process in order to ensure that each drop of their vodka is impeccably made and equally delicious. Within the hills of the Ramsbury Estate is a gold mine of rare wheat that builds the foundation of this delicious vodka. Exclusive wheat coupled with the distilling and filtering of water through their antique aquifer creates a perfect storm that results in a smooth vodka that can be enjoyed in every which manner. With its perfect body and hints of creamy vanilla, this vodka is ideal for any drink or occasion.

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