Fred Greene wasn’t green when he and partners Cameron Grace and Joe Villatico founded Oak & Cane Company, and thanks to their combined experiences there is no need to go international for a great tasting, complex rum. This Florida distillery keeps their award winning Oak & Cane Rum in-state from native crops of sugar cane to the fresh water used in the double distillation process, but despite keeping everything local in South Florida they have gained national exposure by earning bronze in the Berlin International, San Francisco World, and New York International Spirits Competitions.

Coupled with local orange peel, the distilled rum is stored in White American Oak barrels, which imparts a sweet, fruity flavor balanced out by spicy, woodsy notes. At 80 proof this spirit packs a punch, yet its price remains easy on the wallet. Perfect neat or mixed into a cocktail, Oak & Cane is the perfect staple in your liquor stable.