The araucaria tree gracing the bottles of Novo Fogo’s line of spirits represents all that the zero-waste distillery holds dear. The endangered species of pine shades the surrounding mountains with their umbrella-like branches and rely on native birds to spread their large seeds called pinhão nuts, an example of the symbiotic relationship with nature that Novo Fogo strives to emulate. The sugar cane is grown without chemicals and is harvested by hand before being processed into Cachaça, the spirit used in this Brazilian distillery’s newest offering, Sparkling Caipirinha.

Embracing the canned spirit revolution, Novo Fogo’s Sparkling Caipirinha blends their Silver Cachaça with lime, sugar and carbonated water to create a portable cocktail perfect for hot summer days and chill girl’s nights in. This 11.1% ABV cocktail is strong yet cool and crisp, but the most refreshing aspect of each can is how every sip is created in the most sustainable way possible.

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