Mere steps from the edge of Brazil’s verdant Floresta Atlântica (Atlantic rainforest) in the southern state of Paranà lies a progressive distillery that not only produces some of the world’s finest cachaça, they create their products with a reverence for the environment the undeniably precious and delicate surroundings deserve. Novo Fogo is a 100% USDA certified organic and zero-waste cachaça distillery headed by environmentally-conscious CEO Dragos Axinte, whose theory is that “the three tenets of sustainability- (i) protecting your environment, (ii) investing in your community, and (iii) seeking financial results—cannot exist without each other.”

 Novo Fogo Graciosa is the distillery’s newest expression, and its creators describe it as “a reflection of our love for the rainforest and the historic road that crosses it on its way from the mountains to the ocean.” “Sunshine, rain, and love” are the only ingredients utilized to nourish the sugarcane used in Novo Fogo cachaça, and the barrels used to age Graciosa for two years are made from repurposed oak.

The spirit is then finished for 18 months in castanheira do Pará (Brazil nut) barrels, resulting in wafting pecan and orchid aromas on the nose and gentle clove, creamy custard, and anise on the palate. We don’t know about you, but a responsibly-sourced, organically-grown caipirinha sipped at the edge of the rainforest is sounding pretty good right now. We’ll even settle for the front porch. (…begins stacking potted plants and adjusting sprinklers…)

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