They come from a land down under. Their purpose is not to make the good people chunder. But rather, can’t you hear the crowds roar of approval like thunder? You better run to East 9th to take cover.

After some research, East 9th Brewing Company out of Victoria Australia discovered a rising demand for less mainstream beer, new emerging categories, and the growing trend of “premiumisation”. Further, consumers are more willing to spend money on premium or unique beverages rather than resorting to cheaper and common choices. By capitalizing on these crazes, East 9th developed their own special drinks within the popular niches complete with modern, distinctive, and identifiable label artwork.

East 9th’s Fog City line speaks to cider lovers. Fog City Red Sangria reflects on the growing interest for cider. Red wine grapes accompany natural citrus flavors to bring your mouth a sharp, crisp finish. Craving a classic cider? Fog City Cider is a bitter-sweet premium cider crafted from a blend of apples and pears. The well-balanced fruit flavors will certainly hit the spot. Share either beverage over ice and with friends.

East 9th’s Lick Pier (alcoholic) Ginger Beer accentuates a dry ginger taste. Served over ice for a refreshing zing to a day down by the pier. And finally, East 9th’s Doss Blockos Pale Lager is naturally and traditionally brewed with a malty flavor balancing the mind hop bitterness. Check availability of other limited edition Doss Blockos.

So try something new this summer with an Australian flare that bridges the gap between underground and mainstream.