Has your whisky glass been limiting either your tasting experience or your ability to maintain eye contact and conversation with your friends? The creators of the Norlan Whisky Glass feared both these aspects being interfered with when using any old traditional whisky glass. So after many conceptual designs, the Norlan Whisky glass came it be; it essentially looks like a glass inside a glass but the perks to its design will forever change your whisky experience. Featuring a double-walled glass with a faceted outer base and an inner curved bowl, this glass was specifically conceptualized and made to allow the user to both inhale and drink the spirit without breaking eye contact with friends. The glass shape not only improves the act of drinking, but also allows the liquid to aerate efficiently thus reducing the overall volatility of the spirit meaning less water for dilution and richer aromas.

It’s not too late to back the project, which has already received over $300K than anticipated – get your glass now before anyone else! Pledging starts at just $38 // £25 for a set of 2 glasses, with additional sets available too.

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