Are you a beer fanatic always looking for the next best thing? Do you like being a part of something that has the potential to grow into a big deal? Do you enjoy supporting local or small pioneers?

If you answered yes to at least one of the above questions, I have just found you a super secret club and I’m here to let the secret out. Noble Brewer is a beer club. Yes, you read that right—a club specializing in beer, not just any beer either. Noble Brewer only features homebrewed craft beer. So, you really can’t find this stuff on the shelf or anywhere for that matter. After a lengthy interview process, the selected home brewers’ recipes are produced in a professional brewery. These single-released bottles are carefully packaged and shipped off to club members for tasting quarterly. Share these one-time beers with friends and family or keep them for yourself. If you want to learn more, Noble Brewer offers member only content so you can learn more about the unique beers you’ve received and the people behind the taste. Support your favorites and maybe, just maybe, you’ll see those labels on your local shelves.

Noble Brewer 2

Noble Brewer 3