The clever and very cool collection of creative talent that founded Saint Archer Brewing Company is a unique blend of world-class brewers, artists and musicians, surfers and skateboarders- uniting over a common love of handcrafted beer. The popular and fast-growing Saint Archer lineup includes a Blonde Ale, a Pale Ale, an IPA, and a White Ale, because naturally, these are 4 styles that the sun and sea drenched crew reach for most often. In a fitting and logical move, the full lineup is now available in 100% infinitely recyclable, 12 ounce cans throughout central and southern California. After all, Saint Archer was founded by a collection of outdoor enthusiasts who all love being active and on the move, and cans fit that lifestyle. The bottom line is, cans speak to who Saint Archer is as a brand and the lifestyle they promote. When asked about the move to join the craft beer can trend, Saint Archer’s founders have a simple and honest response: enjoying a cold one while sitting on a log with your friends after an evening surf session is one of life’s great pleasures, and cans make that happen. Need anyone say more? That’s reason enough for us and makes a pretty compelling argument to start the weekend early… Not to mention, cans get cold faster and take up less room in your cooler. Win/Win. Get out there and enjoy the long weekend.