Want to enjoy a beautiful Malbec in the UK? Charles Mitchell Wines is now the exclusive UK distributor for Château de Mercuès, France. The love and appreciation for sophisticated vintages are what bring this power duo together.

The Château de Mercuès allows tenants to experience 13th century France with beautiful scenery to go with the magnificent castle. The Michelin Star dining is one of the most alluring factors of the space along with the beautiful wine grown in the Vineyard of Mercuès.

Charles Mitchell Wines are fine wine merchants focused on award winning family vineyards. Charles Mitchell Wines offers many different high quality services and products to wine lovers with a variety of tastes.

Grand Vin Seigneur 2014 is just one of the vintages available. Mild spices, wooded tannins mixed with sweet cherry flavors come together to create a full-bodied wine that glides smooth on the pallet.

Château de Mercuès

Charles Mitchell Wines