Do you like wine? Like a lot? If you’re someone whose collection is constantly growing or who cannot pass by the wine aisle without picking up a bottle (or five), we have the perfect in-home storage solution to keep all your bottles in tiptop shape until it’s time to uncork. This sleek freestanding wine unit (model KWT 6834 SGS) from Miele is not only an attractive addition to the wine cellar or kitchen but also contains all the bells and whistles to ensure your prized collection is always in ideal sipping condition.

With a 178-bottle capacity, this unit has the space and amenities for every bottle. And, when we say every bottle, Miele really means it. Offering three separate temperature zones, this unit allows storage for your red, whites, and champagnes, all easily accessible in one area while also realizing each varietal needs its own temperature. Additionally, the Active AirClean filters and FlexiFrame system keep the inside environment clean and adjustable. Storing your wine isn’t the only use you’ll get from this unit; also integrated is the SommelierSet, an accessory box for storing a sommelier knife, corkscrews, and chalk, and racks to hold your glasses and decanters. Miele hasn’t forgotten about those open bottles that you just can’t finish—store them in the ConvinoBox to keep them in their best possible condition. Go ahead, get that extra bottle, you’ve got room!

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