Mollydooker, the whimsical and wildly successful Aussie wine brand founded by left-handers Sparky and Sarah Marquis started out with a very different vision than was realized: to make the best bulk wine in Australia. Instead, a series of twists and turns and dramatic calamity have tested the pair’s threshold of perseverance, and resulted in some of the most highly rated and sought after Australian wines in America. The  immensely complex Mollydooker Velvet Glove Shiraz shines at the top,  wrapping your entire palate in a ‘Velvet Glove’ of amazing fruit flavours that seem to last forever. From aromatic fresh flowers and berry fruit to the spices, tobacco, plum, coffee, and several kinds of chocolate – the winery advises you just put it in your mouth and entertain yourself for hours with the array of flavours. Expect both opulence and elegance, much like a classic Velvet Glove.