Summer is just around the corner. Enjoy a nice simple tropical cocktail with Aluna Coconut Rum. The tasteful rum is a blend of Guatemalan and Caribbean rum with a lovely toasted coconut flavor addition. The Guatemalan rum brings a naturally sweet and light note to Aluna Coconut. The Caribbean rum brings more spice to the recipe. This totals to 35% ABV. The warm toasted coconut flavor comes from organic coconut water for a clean taste on the palate. The low levels of sugar allows for maintaining that summer bod. But that does not alter the great quality of flavor for tropical fun.

Aluna Grapefruit Soda

50ml Aluna Coconut Rum
50 ml fresh grapefruit juice
Cloudy Lemonade

Pour over ice, top with cloudy lemonade, stir and garnish with a grapefruit wedge.