Once upon a late night adventure, you decide to mix up your own cocktail. You get really into it. Muddling and splashing in additions like you’re a bartender putting on a show. Pretty proud of yourself, you take a sip. And promptly pour it down the sink. Experience drinking them does not a good cocktail mixer make.

Now thoroughly demoralized, you trudge over to the local liquor store to get a pre-mixed cocktail blend. But it’s always too sweet, overpowering, and one-noted—it’s like being water-boarded with whatever artificial flavor you were unlucky enough to pick. That’s why you tried to make your own.

Try the American Juice Company. Their all-natural blends are guaranteed to make you more attractive and confident. Okay I made that up, but at they are the perfect level of flavorful without being cloying, an impressive feat in and of itself. Their ginger blend (“The Ginger Gershwin”) is refreshing and clean. It has just enough ginger to make you raise your eyebrows, but is tempered by a wash of orange citrus and soothing lemon verbena to bring out the softer, more complex flavors of the ginger. The “Blueberry Finn” blend is a mix of apples, blueberries, lime juice, almond extract. If you tried to do that at home I’d anticipate disaster, but somehow The American Juice Company makes it taste like the most delicious alcoholic pie you’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking. And, as they point out, the blueberries are chock-full of anti-oxidants. It’s basically a juice cleanse in a cocktail glass.

The best part? These 16 oz. bottles of fun are only $12. And if you order them now, you get 20% off. So it’s really $9.60. You can spare that to get potentially (depending on your tastes) sixteen craft cocktails. Honestly, that’s probably the cost of your failed attempts at creating a decent cocktail anyways.

Or, if a 16 oz. bottle seems like a large investment for you, try the sampler for only $25: it comes with four 4 oz. samplers of the American Juice Company’s signature blends, plus two custom glasses. Experiment, pick your favorite, and then go all in with the 16 oz. bottle.

Available: Online, http://www.americanjuicecompany.com/bar-shop2/
Price: $12 (preorder for 20% off!)