Any chef worth his salt tends to be borderline, well, fanatical about sourcing the absolute freshest, highest quality ingredients available, or even not so available. “What do you mean, you only have black truffles? I specifically need San Miniato white truffles!” is a phrase purveyors in foodie cities probably hear echoing in their nightmares.

But what about fanatical ingredient sourcing for the utmost quality in our cocktails? Miami Cocktail takes their sourcing seriously, and they’ve searched far and wide to ensure the organic Sicilian tangerines and blood oranges that juiced your Blood Orange Mimosa are the finest available. The wine in your Tropical Sangria? Organic also and from the Andalusia region in southern Spain.

Despite the global search for the finest components, every (delightfully portable) bottled cocktail is proudly U.S.-produced. Miami Cocktail sources plenty of top-tier local ingredients as well, like the perfectly juicy grapefruits picked right from Florida or the crisp, dry, organic California sparkling wine.

In addition to the Tropical Sangria and Blood Orange Mimosa, Miami Cocktail’s all-natural Small Batch Organic collection also includes a deiciously tart Copper Still Margarita crafted with premium organic blue agave. For passionate chefs as well as passionate mixologists, demanding the best and the freshest money can buy isn’t fanatical. It’s simply good taste.

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