Lawyers carry briefcases. Chefs carry knife bags. Why shouldn’t an accomplished, professional mixologist have a custom-designed vessel in which to transport the crucial tools of the trade? Mavenhal  answers this need in the beverage industry with their high quality, handcrafted bartender bag designed with bar professionals, brand ambassadors and all-around cocktail enthusiasts in mind.

Perfect for off-site catering events, freelance bartenders specializing in weddings and corporate events, or for any cocktail aficionado ready and willing to pack the party to go, the Mavenhal  bartender bag is a brilliant solution for keeping shakers, pour spouts, wine keys, stirrers, jiggers, muddlers, and more organized in an attractive, flexible, and water-resistant package. Thoughtfully designed by Seattle bartender Craig Krueger, the Mavenhal bag has three rows of pockets inside ready to house every beverage-concocting tool in your arsenal plus sturdy-zippered compartments to keep even the smallest, most easily-misplaced covers and spouts in easy and organized access.

The bag also has room for several bottles of liquor and mixers, making a ready-made portable tailgate party just a zipper away. The bar is your office. Now you have a custom-designed “briefcase” to carry your tools to your office. Or just throw a sweet party on a mountain top, beach, or parking lot. The choice is yours.

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