Maestros del Ron Cubano meaning “Masters of Cuban Rum” are the brains behind Havana Club Rum. Don Jose Navarro, Juan Carlos Gonzalez, and Asbel Morales have all devoted their working lives to produce authentic Cuban rum. They are responsible for the whole entire process of making the rum, from sugar cane selection to the final bottling. They oversee the blending and aging of the rum with patience, passion, and commitment to making the highest quality Cuban rum in the world.

The masters of the Cuban rum come together to select the finest and most incomparable aged rums. After they blend the rum, they place it in barrels that are carefully selected for their aromatic properties so that the liquid can develop and mature. Finally they come together again to select the rum that has matured perfectly. They create the final blend known as Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros. This rum has an unbelievable smoothness that cannot be beat. From the complex flavors of cocoa, coffee, sweet tobacco, and brown spices to the smoky oak and spice finish. Winning gold medals at The Rum Masters, International Spirits Challenge, and Beverage Testing in 2014. This is truly a selection of masters!

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