You don’t show up to a party today without craft brew at the ready.

This means often carrying around a six pack of bottles. Sure, the beer is tasty and comes packaged with pretty labels, and the bottle is recyclable at the end of the night.

But have you thought about showing up with a growler to make your beer habits a bit more sustainable?

The MIRA Insulated Beer Growler is a good way to go. This 64-ounce growler, made of stainless steel, promises to keep your beer ice cold for a solid 24 hours, even on those hot, sunny days. And the steel is better than traditional glass growlers for blocking out UV light that can taint the taste of beer.

Forget recycling bottles, and switch to a growler that you can use again and again. With your growler, you can effortlessly show up at the party with the freshest pint from your nearby brewery. Supporting your local brewery is more sustainable than grabbing a six-pack made thousands of miles away too.

With this growler, you can transport a beer that will taste good and make you feel good too.