When it comes to fine whisky, cask selection is a crucial component of the maturation process. The right cask is like a temple in which the psyches and souls inherent in the whisky converge, creating a layered and complex amalgamation of flavors in the final golden liquid.

The 100 barrel cask solara used in the conditioning and maturation of Loch Lomond Signature Blended Scotch Whisky is comprised of a combination of recharred American oak barrels and Olorosso sherry barrels. These are exactly the type of vessels that impart all the character, flavor, and, yes, soul we seek in a Scotch—this is wood with personality, and that personality shines beautifully through in the whisky.

Splash a finger of Loch Lomond Signature into your vessel of choice, neat, of course. Hold your face close to the glass and breathe in the aroma—the sherry is immediately apparent, along with bright, sweet dates and raisins and a subtle smoky scent mingling with the wine and fruit. A sip reveals more flavors of dried fruit; raisins are prevalent along with vanilla, cinnamon, and ginger. Malt is present through the finish as is a tart citrus note of lemon peel. Now that’s whisky with soul.

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