The weather is beginning to get a heck of a lot colder as we turn to a cheeky tipple some for extra warmth… what are we kidding?! We just like to drink…

As December 1st fast approaches, parents and singletons alike run out to buy their kids, nieces, nephews and friends Advent Calendars, but alas, they somehow always seem to forget themselves during this season of merriment. Forget oneself no longer, thanks to Master of Malt. Quite possibly the coolest advent calendar we’ve ever seen, this state-of-the art 16-series instant-smile/relief collection puts a little sparkle in your stride each evening, or morning.. (hey, we don’t judge…)

Regardless of which tipple you fancy, this is the perfect way to explore a selection of 24 quality spirits in smaller quantities, so you know exactly what to ask Santa for when it comes to the big day. From premium whisky to chilli vodka, gin and even Mezcal, there really is something for everyone to explore and experience. Perfect for the home or in our case both the home and office…, seriously, take employee motivation to a whole new level.

Don’t delay, get your very own magical advent calendar today and get in the festive spirit, literally.
Whisky Advent Calendar: RRP £149.95
Ginvent Calendar: RRP £114.95
Botanical Ginvent Calendar: RRP £124.95
Bourbon Advent Calendar: RRP £139.95
Rum Advent Calendar: RRP £149.95
Cognac Advent Calendar: RRP £149.95
Tequila Advent Calendar: RRP £149.95
Mezcal Advent Calendar: RRP £149.95
Armagnac Advent Calendar: RRP £149.95
Absinthe Advent Calendar: RRP £134.95
Vodka Advent Calendar: RRP £99.95
Naga Chilli Vodka Escalation Calendar: RRP £99.95