The Mixology Group and Drink Me have joined forces to bring you an exclusive series of DIY cocktail tutorials.  Never be afraid to explore the world of the drink – join us throughout 2016 and put your mixology skills to the test with our user-friendly imbibe guides. Drink on!

Start the year off with a bang with our delicious Bacon Bloody Mary, the perfect hangover cure for those late-night celebrations.


The Bacon Bloody Mary

25ml lemon juice
50ml vodka
Half fill your glass with ice and top up with fresh tomato juice
Tabasco for seasoning
Worcestershire Sauce
Grilled Streaky Bacon (Garnish)
Olives (Garnish)

Squeeze in the lemon juice and vodka before filling your glass half full with ice. Tom up with fresh tomato juice and add seasoning to taste (Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce). Finally, slide in your piece of crispy bacon and garnish with the Olive, Pickled Onion or whatever else tickles your fancy!



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