Ever had a last minute guests you had to host during the holidays but time slipped away and you were left panicking about what to do? Well now you don’t have to stress, just look around and see what you have in your very own kitchen. If you have at least one bottle of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Collection, you’re already halfway to a successful gathering and if you have two different ones, that’s even better! For example having the Single Barrel Select, Barrel Proof and Rye will have a taste for everyone; all you have to do is put it out with some sparkling water and some garnishes like orange peels, lemon peels and some candied gingers. And don’t forget the salt and pepper of every bartender: bitters! Get a few varieties so your guests can mix and match and customize their flavors.

Appetizers don’t have to be fancy or cost you more than necessary. Look around your pantry and try to work with what you have. If you have pickled peppers, or any kind of pickled vegetables grab those! Antipasto kebabs are simple and delicious, so choose a pattern and skewer items such as your pickled vegetables with artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, salami, cherry tomatoes, basil and bococini. Make at least 20 so that there’s enough for everyone and serve on a large platter with creamy Italian dressing, Balsamic and olive oil or any other dressings on the side. You’re ready to savor and share. Jack Daniel’s makes it easy.

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