Eighty-eight different wines, fifty-five different producers, and twenty-two different countries entered the second annual Independent English Wine Awards. Those competing submitted the best wines they have in their arsenal to a panel of eighteen renowned wine experts that blindly and meticulously assessed each wine. Of all of teams that entered the race, only one truly stood out as the elite amongst the pack. Langham Wine Estate from Dorchester England took home multiple bronze, silver, and gold medals in the 2018 competition. Their unique climate and make up in the soil of their estate makes Langham uniquely primed to produce some of the best champagne based wines in all of the world, and the judges agree.

The Langham estate is a product of a father’s vision that was executed by a son’s drive. John Langham originally developed the estate on a small plot of land in the town of Dorchester. In 2009 John’s son Justin Langham grabbed the torch and absolutely ran with it. With well versed and traveled experiences in viticulture, Justin took the small Langham estate and turned it into a world renowned juggernaut. At the center of the estate’s stable of breathtaking wines is their gold standard (literally) 2014 rose. The judges at the IEWA raved about this wine as it took home first prize in the rose category at the 2018 competition. It’s buttery nose with notes of sweet berries combined with it’ honey suckle and summer fruit pudding finish makes it a picture of sparkly sweet perfection.

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