La Hechicera is an independent rum producer that has trickled down through three generations of the Riascos family. La Hechicera Rum just recently began selling in the U.S. through Phillips Distilling Company in Minneapolis. However, it has been a well-established brand in Colombia for over twenty-years, and is currently under the meticulous eye of master blender, Giraldo Mituoka Kagana.

Renowned for balancing crisp notes with a smooth finish, La Hechicera Rum is liquid luxury. The brand is committed to producing a rum that effortlessly transfers from barrel to bottle, which illustrates the quality of their white oak casks and confidence in the natural flavors that are revealed in a glass. Opening the bottle will immediately release an aroma of prunes, rich espresso, and dark cacao and one sip will reveal subtler, but equally as fragrant notes of vanilla, bright orange, and black pepper. La Hechicera Rum stands strong on its own or in a classic rum cocktail.

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