If you’ve ever wondered what effect climate has on wine look no further than the exquisite 2013 Pinot Noir from La Crema. Born from the glorious pastoral that is the Sonoma Coast, this wine truly earns the name La Crema (the best in Italian.) Now the other vintages of La Crema’s pinot noir are nothing to sneeze at however, the 2013 it quite exceptional.  The cooler weather of the 2013 harvest season allowed for the grapes to stay on the vine much longer than they would normally which leads to a richer more layered wine.  As if that were not enough to make an incredible wine, the people at La Crema use their hands-on, artisan techniques to craft all of their wines including hand pressing the grapes and aging in classic, French, oak barrels. The result of this is a pinot noir that distills the Sonoma Coast into one remarkable wine. As for the taste, it has a rich aroma of cherry, cocoa, and black tea with a seductively smooth pomegranate, plum and orange zest flavor creating a fantastic wine that lingers with you just like the region it hails from.