Cavit Collection is celebrating National Pinot Grigio Day on May 17th with special limited-time Pinot Grigio cannolis.

Cavit is partnering with Kannoli Kraze from May 17-June 16 to offer custom-made desserts to mark the holiday. Wine lovers can choose from three different delicious twists on the classic Italian pastry, a traditional full-size or mini cannoli, a cannoli cake cup and a cannoli pop, all infused with Cavit’s Pinot Grigio. The Pinot Grigio-infused cannoli, cannoli cake cup and cannoli pop can be purchased at Kannoli Kraze’s Long Island store for $5.00 each and the cannoli mini is $2.00 each.

A six pack of cannoli pops or cannoli cake cups can be purchased at for $35.00 plus shipping.

Cavit became a pioneer in the 1970s with the introduction of Pinot Grigio, a then little-known white wine from Trentino, Italy, to the United States. Today, Cavit Pinot Grigio is the brand’s signature variety and the leading Italian wine in America. Consumers can look forward to enjoying light refreshing notes of pear, apple, almonds and citrus. Cavit Pinot Grigio can also be enjoyed as a splendid aperitif and with dishes such as risottos, veal and fresh seafood.