Do you want to make your own juice from the vegetables and fruits of your choosing without all that extra-added sugar? Our friends over at Sage Appliances have added a new juicer to their line up that will make you reconsider traveling to the grocery store for that high-fructose juice. The Nutri Juicer revolutionizes the juicing industry with its ability to extract, on average, 70% of the nutrients from your fruits and veggies. That’s an extreme amount of vitamins and minerals swirling around your glass.

The Nutri Juicer achieves its great nutrient success with the help of its quickness by way of titanium reinforced cutting blades that prevent heat and air being pushed into the fruit’s cells paired with an extra wide feed chute allowing all shapes and sizes to be accommodated. Have freshly squeezed and blended juice right in the comfort of your own home with the heroic Nutri Juicer.

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