The beautiful undulating green hillsides of rural England are lush with botanical delights, and leading UK independent beverage producer Halewood Wines & Spirits has intelligently decided to incorporate some of that prolific local flora into their two new craft gins in the JJ Whitley line.

JJ Whitley London Dry Gin, the more traditional of the two new expressions, is a smooth and nuanced blend of eight fresh botanicals, including robust local juniper and a bright burst of orange peel. JJ Whitley Elderflower Gin is truly summer in a bottle, with delicate floral notes of genuine English elderflower extract complementing warm cinnamon and balancing citrus fruit flavors.

With both gins inspired by the English countryside, one certainly wouldn’t be faulted for packing a bottle of JJ Whitley Gin in the next picnic basket along with some tonic, ice, and a couple of limes. These are surely summer gins best served in the great outdoors, with the scent of wildflowers in the air and hopefully a blue sky above. Or in the event of a not-so-uncommon rainy English summer day, a screened-in porch will serve as a reliable backup plan.

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