Barrel proof whiskey is an amazing way to experience any whiskey, especially for one as sophisticated as Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel. Having Jack Daniel’s at barrel proof is a rare occurrence that few have gotten the chance to enjoy until now. And these aren’t just any barrels of whiskey. The barrels are specially chosen by the master distiller for their exquisite and complex flavors. The first characteristics that jump out are the depth and strength of the whiskey. At barrel proof, nothing is hidden, all flavors are present in abundance. It can at first be an overwhelming experience, but your taste buds will soon adjust to this symphony of flavors.

Another beautiful aspect of barrel proof whiskey? You get to decide at exactly what proof you like to drink it. Although barrel proof whiskey is amazing, many find that they prefer whiskey on the rocks or with a drop or two of spring water. In this matter, you can adjust to proof to your personal preference be that neat and fiery at a whopping 125-140 proof or at a more subdued 105. Every bottle is a unique and wonderful experience that you will savor for a lifetime. Although more expensive than Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select, the price is quite reasonable when you take into account that this whiskey is from the very best barrels that Jack Daniel’s has made. This Barrel Proof whiskey is only available in limited quantities, so be sure to buy your bottle before it is off the shelves for good.

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