Most spirits are bottled at 80-90 proof. This is true for most Jack Daniel’s whiskey as well as almost every other brand in the USA. This offers a sweet spot for being great for both sipping and mixing into cocktails, while allowing the distillery to dilute their product with water to make each barrel make more bottles. If you want more flavor and a bit more fire, there is nothing like 100 proof whiskey.

This fine bottle of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel 100 Proof whiskey is great if you like more depth and richness to your spirits. At 100 proof, the consistency of quality is well controlled with only slight variation between bottles. You ensure that you will get an amazing whiskey which highlights the vanilla and oaked flavors Jack Daniel’s is known for. This bottled in bond whiskey deserves to be in the collection of any Jack Daniel’s fan or whiskey enthusiast, however these bottles are very hard to come by. They are only produced in limited quantities and are only sold in certain duty-free stores in international airports. While it may take a while to find one of these rare bottles of 100 Proof Jack, the wait will certainly be worth it. This 100 Proof Single Barrel is the perfect balance between the fiery heat and depth of barrel proof and the refined simplicity of the single barrel select and it is a bottle. So book that international flight now, because this is a whiskey that is worth traveling for!

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