In the world of whiskey, Jack Daniel’s has been making a bold statement. That while they have been known for well over a century for their classic Old No. 7, they know how to make a variety of amazing whiskeys. The latest of Jack Daniel’s newest offerings is a bold and sophisticated concoction that goes by the name of “Sinatra Select.” Aptly named in tribute for one of Jack Daniel’s biggest fans: the legend Frank Sinatra himself.

To make a whiskey fitting to bear Sinatra’s name, Jack Daniel’s developed a new aging process in specially made barrels. These “Sinatra Barrels” are constructed to have deep grooves in the staves to increase the surface area and expose layer upon layer of toasted oak. This aging adds a great deal of flavor to this wonderful whiskey, imbuing Sinatra Select with bold notes of caramel, pleasant smokiness, and a sublime vanilla finish. The deep amber color is complimented by the sophistication of the flavors throughout each sip. Sinatra Select is a whiskey that is equally at home served neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail and is highly enjoyable no matter how you choose to drink it. This whiskey is worthy to bear the names of both Sinatra and Jack Daniel’s, and you would be doing yourself a great disservice if you didn’t go out and taste it for yourself.

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