When the opportunity to create a very rare, small batch amber ale became a possibility, of course Guinness would pull out all of the stops to make this a truly exceptional occasion.

Perfectly timed for the New Year, Guinness have released their showcase “Guinness The 1759”. Elegantly packaged in a black velvet box with a hearty 25.4 fl. serving, Guinness have crafted this celebratory delight with only the best ingredients.

The ale is brewed with the finest peated whiskey malt; we’re talking about the stuff used to create some of the worlds most renowned whiskey and scotch. Those lucky enough to snap up a 1759 will experience the perfect combination of delectable caramel and festive butterscotch notes.

For the beer/ale lovers amongst us, this may finally be your excuse to pop open something other than Champagne when the clock strikes midnight. Start 2015 with something special, that isn’t going to be around for very long.