You consider yourself a beer enthusiast. Your friends consistently ask you if you’ve found any new brews you really enjoy. Maybe occasionally you’ve sighed in disappointment upon perusing a bar’s beer list because their “new selections” are all choices you’ve seen and tried before. Your instinct for when breweries release seasonal selections is as consistent and unerring as birds timing their migrations south. But you’ve got a job dammit. A real life. And sometimes you can’t make it to the bar. Sometimes, you grab a favorite six pack and head home to enjoy it in your favorite chair. Does that mean your tastes change? No! How about your appreciation for the aroma, the mouthfeel, the taste of a beer fresh from the tap? Of course not! Now, for years you’ve been abiding by the old fashioned rule about splashing a bit on the pour to get a good head on your beer—just like the head that comes from using a tap. But guess what? That technique creates low density, large bubble foam that destroys the natural effervescence of your chosen brew. Now, instead of a crisp, refreshing beer, you have a sad flat beverage. How disappointing for a person of your refined palate.

The Beer Foamer allows you to get the proper high density foam, exactly like a tap, which releases the aroma of a beer while protecting the beer’s natural characteristics. It allows you to enjoy a beer the way it’s meant to be enjoyed while at home. Try new beers without waiting for bars to discover the breweries you’ve already found, without the worry that you’re not experiencing them as they were meant to be experienced.

Available: Online
Price: $29.95