Nothing beats finding a bargain, especially a bargain break. But what if you end up somewhere surprisingly costly once you’re on the ground? How do you avoid seeing the savings you made disappear fast with unexpected and hefty food and drink bills?

Well, we’ve just stumbled across the answer. Travel specialists, have launched the first ever “beer index”, a service which aims to give you the true cost of destinations based on the price they charge for bottles of beer! The reason: Such a tool proves as a useful guide for holiday-makers looking to find the best value holidays, and perfect for those looking at costs beyond their hotel and accommodation.

With the most expensive destination being Geneva, Hong Kong and Tel Aviv can be seen running very close behind. In stark contrast, cities including Krakow and Kiev are significantly cheaper – a tenner in Krakow will get you just over nine bottles of beer while in Geneva you get just two. See below for the full infographic.

Being the curious folk we are, we decided to ask for an exclusive UK-specific comparison too. It seems Liverpool is the cheapest place to buy beer with, unsurprisingly, London being the most expensive. And you can expect to spend an extra 40 pence plus for every bottle when drinking in Manchester compared to Leeds.

Check out both infographics, below!

global beer index beer price index UK_BPI1