Tom Dixon, an acclaimed British designer, inspired by the rarity, craft and heritage of the luxury Scotch Whisky has created the exclusive Johnnie Walker Blue Label Capsule Series that will be previewed at the elegant Teatro Manzoni theater as part of Dixon’s exhibition at Milan Design Week. The Limited Edition Design encompasses a bespoke bottle design, ice bucket, coaster and bottle cap. The copper accents are accents of characteristic of Dixon’s contemporary designs, which are also a nod to the art of whiskey-making – the copper that reminds you of pot stills used during distillation.

Johnnie Walker 2 drink me Johnnie Walker Blue Label Capsule Series

 The collaboration portrays how two separate industries come together in terms of taking excellent raw materials and using patience and experimentation to extract a product with real resonance. This is the second year that the two pioneers of the craft and luxury partnered during Milan Design Week, prior they collabed in 2016 when Dixon created a one-of-a-kind Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottle art installation. This year Johnnie Walker will also be hosting mentoring sessions at Teatro Manzoni where Global Brand Ambassador Tom Jones will walk VIPs through the diverse flavors that define the Scotch Whisky as well as inviting guests to enjoy a Johnnie Walker cocktail serve at the bar. The Limited Edition Design will be available for purchase from October 2017 in select markets across Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa. A perfect, rare and luxurious gift

Johnnie Walker 3 drink me Johnnie Walker Blue Label Capsule Series