The Grenade Ice Cube Mold puts a whole new twist on the term Jägerbomb. The Grenade Mold ensures for an explosive drink with friends, making for a fun time whilst also helping to keep your drink cooler for longer as the grenade is large, and if left encased in its mold will not dilute your drink. Perfect to add to any drink to add excitement and measuring 4.5 inches by 3 inches by 2.5 inches, the mold is an ideal size for most glass sizes and can find room in any freezer. So easy to use, simpler than pulling the pin and throwing a real-life grenade.

How it works:

  • Press the two (2) mold halves together taking extra care to go around the outside and pinch the two halves together firmly.
  • Fill with water.
  • Place in freezer, ensure the mold is on a level surface.
  • Freeze for at least four (4) hours.