Il Gusto, a UK-based company, presents a wide-variety of artisan products from extra virgin cooking oils, to vinegars and aged spirits and wines. The wine Il Gusto offers is remarkable and truly one of a kind.

Imagine a versatile wine that serves well at any event, whether a picnic at the park, a classy, romantic dinner, or a casual at-home-soiree – Il Gusto’s Dream Vulcano Premium wine has you covered. This reddish-orange colored wine is not only sexy and sleek, but fun and playful at the same time, offering a fiery, yet sparkly experience. Accompanied by an effect similar to that of a flare golden color, this wine is destined to set your palate ablaze.

To the nose, this wine is reminiscent of white flowers and citrus, with top notes of grapefruit and orange rind. Tasting the delicious Dream Vulcano Premium will give you a sweet, and persistent feel, with well-balanced and integrated acidity allowing for a smooth aperitif. The slow, steady relief of small bubbles upon opening will delight your senses and awaken the vulcano in you.

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