For some wine lovers, a lower alcohol option has been something yearned for but rarely found. Hush Heath Estate, one of the top producers of English wine, introduces an innovative new wine that promises to change that. Crafted exclusively from Cox, Bramley, and Egremont Russet apples, this unique sparkling wine is only 8.0% abv. The Sparkling English Apple Wines are produced in the traditional method of champagne production to assure the freshest, cleanest taste. The new wines come in two styles – a pure, crisp white wine made from ripe green and red apples and a rosé featuring a dosage of strawberry and blackcurrant. Both luscious styles exhibit a luscious, fruity taste complete with notes of red fruits (in the rosé) and citrus (in the white wine). The light and refreshing apple wines are sure to delight – and less alcohol means less guilt when you are bound to reach for that second (and third) glass of this delicious new wine.

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