Have you ever heard of a wine-drinking dragon?

We hadn’t either until we saw this decanter from the popular wine glassware company, Riedel.

This bad boy was commissioned in 2012 to commemorate the Year of the Dragon. And with this decanter, any day or wine can honor this Chinese symbol, or what it represents: honor, success, and luck.

Even if you aren’t interested in the Chinese zodiac, this decanter is easy to appreciate for its beauty alone. This piece of art was made in Austria with crystal glass mouth-blown into this stunning shape. The size and craftsmanship of this decanter is exquisite. When you add a red wine, this decanter really comes alive, lending an heir of authority and power to its owner.

Make this decanter a centerpiece and pour your favorite Bordeaux. Just try not to breathe fire when your friend asks to borrow the dragon, and then doesn’t return it.