It’s time to go back to school, but only if you’re 21 and older. Bet you didn’t realize you could enroll in an online program where the courses offered discuss all aspects of Champagne. And what’s even better is that it’s free. Upon admission you will be required to take a 4 question placement test to determine which category you’ll fall under: novice, enthusiast, and lover (think of it as beginner, intermediate, and advanced). Now prepare to learn and get tested after each program. Share your scores and compete with friends.

The Comité Champagne launched its first ever e-learning program, Champagne Campus—a program aimed to educate people about Champagne. Available on PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets, Champagne Campus is accessible in French, English, and Chinese. Become an explorer and discover all the wonders revolving around the wine-growing region, the vines, the process, tasting, and the history by way of diagrams, films, photos, activities, and graphics (see a tutorial video here). Pair Champagne Campus with its mobile app for your final exam before graduating with a degree in Champagne. The app consists of 150 questions on Champagne wines and regions. Become a master and pop the bubbles in celebration of your newfound knowledge