It’s either pure genius or pure insanity to even think about trying to make pure vodka from cows milk.

But we should be thankful that West Dorset dairy farmer Jason Barber did just that, as he’s created an intriguing, unique and very pleasant vodka.

As you would expect with anything made with milk, smooth is the word that comes instantly to mind when drinking Black Cow, along with vanilla, hints of cinnamon and then the tell tale burn of the alcohol to remind you this ain’t melted ice cream your drinking!

Black Cow Vodka 2 Dirnk Me

It took Jason 18 months to perfect and licence his production technique which uses milk from his 250 strong herd of cattle. The milk is separated, with the curd making his Trophy winning cheese, while the whey is fermented into a special milk beer. This is then distilled and triple filtered into this smooth, creamy, clean tasting vodka.

Although Russians have nothing to fear from some English cows and a wacky farmer, Black Cow is definitely worth a try. With it’s creamy texture and flavor, and the fact it can be drunk easily without being in the fridge or freezer, means it’s proving popular with the cooler cocktail bars in the UK.

Price: Around £35.00 // $50.00

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