Cooper Spirits Co. was founded in 2006 and immediately became the face of renovation in the cocktail world with the release of the now-ubiquitous St-Germain. This was only their first victory and shortly after Slow & Low Rock and Rye was introduced under the resurrected Hochstadter’s brand. This product has almost single-handedly brought back the popularity of bottled cocktails. Now they are at it again, bringing this same delicious cocktail to us in an even more convenient form; the 100ml can.

Hochstadter’s Slow & Low Rock & Rye is made with aged straight rye whisky, raw honey from Pennsylvania, navel oranges from Florida, Angostura bitters, and rock candy. This combination produces a deep, rich flavor that still comes off as a dry, refined cocktail. Grab the most versatile packaging a quality drink has been found in yet and enjoy!

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