When it comes to storing food and drinks, it’s no wonder the classic Mason jar has come back around. It comes in a manageable size, and is easily sealed to preserve the best of goods. It’s only major flaw appears with hot substances like a freshly made jelly or coffee. Luckily the craftsmen at Bradley Mountain thought to put hand-stitched oiled leather around the jar.

Now, whether on the hiking trail, in the car, or sitting by the campfire light, a good Mason jar mug is perfect for protecting your hands from a hot, steamy cup of coffee or cocoa. And since it looks cool, you can argue that you need to protect your hands from a cold beer too.

The leather-wrapped mug holds 16 fluid ounces, and comes with a two-piece standard lid and a Cuppow lid. It’s also easily cleaned. The leather sleeve slips right off for a quick run through the dishwasher. Thanks to the Bradley Mountain boys, the Mason jar is perfect for traveling back to a simpler time, and just going somewhere, beverage in-hand.