Beavertown Drink Me

Beavertown is the old Cockney name given to the historic de beauvoir area, famed across Victorian London for its rich characters and infinite revelry. Started in London in December 2011 by Logan Plant, Beavertown has grown so much they’ve moved locations three times since opening! With over five core beers and an ever experimental Alpha series, these beers are bringing debauchery back in name and flavour!

Opening Hours: 2pm – 8pm on Saturdays.
Brewery: Beavertown Brewery
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Meantime Drink Me

Meantime is a name synonymous with London brewing, ask any Londoner. It has humble beginnings. Meantime was  started by Alastair Hook and a few friends in an apartment near the famous Greenwich Mean Time line.It made a huge splash with its massive brewery project and award winning pub. They’ve since grown and become a household favourite among locals and an innovative international craft beer brand. It’s a true London success story!

Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri: 7pm
Sat:12pm, 1:30pm, 3:00pm, 4:30pm, 6pm, 7:30pm
Sun: 2pm, 4pm
Cost: £17.50 on Monday to Thursday and Sunday (£20 Fridays)
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Camden Town Brewery
Camden Town Drink Me

Simple is the word that best defines this brewery. Founder Jasper Cuppaidge bought the domain ‘’ when it didn’t get a hit on Google. He suddenly had a busines!. (It really started as a wonderful present to his mother, to recreate her dad’s(his grandad) beer from Australia. )

Simple is their website and perfect is the collaboration they have with Byron Burgers, an independent restaurant with three locations in London. Their philosophies are the same. To do one thing and to do it well. Camden Town want to make good lager again. No more bland, watery drinks. No more expensive imports. Jasper’s been a pub manager and has experienced the limits first-hand. Now he’s changing the game.

Opening Times: Mon – Wed: 12PM-6PM // Thu – Sun: 12PM-11PM
Connect: Website

Brixton BreweryBrixton Drink Me

An idea stemming from a chance encounter by two couples in their local craft beer bar, Brixton Brewery is a business that loves its home and chooses to embrace it by highlighting local produce. Their inspiration is the people around them. This can be seen by the African prints on their labels, to the rich stories reflected in the deep flavours they’re known for. Not long ago Brixton had a reputation that preceded it. Now companies like Brixton Brewery are showing everyone that bold isn’t necessarily bad and Brixton has a lot more to offer.

Opening Times: Saturdays 12-4
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Partizan Drink Me

Andy Smith of Partizan Brewery rarely makes the same beer twice. Even so, it’s an essential stop in Bermondsey’s Brew Mile, a street in South East London with over six craft breweries offering their best on a Saturday afternoon. Andy credits his success to others, Andy Moffat, head brewer at Redemption who mentored him for two years and told him to start on his own and Evin O’ Riordain from The Kernal, another brewery only a few arches down the road who gave him their old brew kit. Finding old styles and recipes of beer to try is basically an ethos at Partizan. It’s only been two years and Partizan is already a favourite in the  microbrewing scene. It’s creative flavours and artwork make it a treat, whether you’re anaficianado or simply along for the ride.

Opening Hours: Saturdays 11-5pm
Connect: Twitter // Facebook // Website // Email