Hendrick’s carries a unique allure among gin drinkers. At once bold, delicate flavors linger as the lasting impression- a yin & yang that mixologists live for. That is, until Hendrick’s Quinetum arrived in the hands of a select few, subtly suggesting a third dimension. One that demands not only balance, but intrigue. A mysterious cordial of quinine, lavender and orange with extracts of wormwood and holy thistle, Quinetum was created not merely as a perfect marriage with Hendrick’s, but to elevate cocktails to a new depth. And if the cool factor wasn’t already out of our realm, the packaging- based on an old poison bottle, is equally distinctive. With a first batch of just over 4,000 bottles, the cordial was only given out to two dozen mixologists across the U.S. and is not available for retail. As far as getting to taste it? Start asking the top bartenders in New York, Austin and San Francisco and let us know where you found it.