The Boutari Company has been in the Greece winemaking business for over 134 years, and they now own six wineries in some of the most important Greek wine-making regions, with one in France. Boutari aims to preserve and to modernize the viticulture of Greece through its wineries. They work with the special characteristics of each region, which gives their wineries distinct personalities.

Nemea Boutari hails from Nemea, Peloponnese and is made with the noblest red variety. It fully expresses the terroir of Peloponnese, which features a dynamic richness. Aged 12 months in oak barrels, with an aging potential of 5-7 years, Nemea Boutari is a dry, classic red vinification. Deep ruby red with purple tints, smelling of the rich oak barrels it aged in, Nemea pairs wonderfully with dishes based on red meat and sweet yellow cheeses. The velvety mouthfeel and rounded structure are accompanied by a balanced flavor of chocolate, honey and dry nuts.

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